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The Managing Director, in consultation with the other directors, has responsibility for defining the overall strategic direction of Premier Workwear (Pty) Ltd, with respect to quality.


We, the Management and Staff of Premier Workwear (Pty) Ltd are committed and dedicated to producing protective Workwear to high standards of manufacture by

Paying to the special individual needs of our diverse customer needs and giving them the “personal attention” that they deserve, we at Premier Workwear will have met our objectives with PRIDE.

using material complying with recognized standards; ensuring that the finished products meet the requirements of the stipulated standards; and Taking advantage of available opportunities to continually improve our ways and means of doing things. And by taking care of the needs of our employees to maintain a productive and comfortable work environment.xxxxxx


Premier Workwear (Pty) Ltd based in Botswana is a leading manufacturer of work wear in Botswana , since 1982, supplying the Botswana workforce, (Mines, Local District Councils, to the Military) with high quality protective work wear uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE).